The Arc of DC advocates for the rights and full community participation of all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Together with our network of members, we improve systems of supports and services, connect families, inspire communication and influence public policy.

Encouraging Students to Read and Explore the World at their Local Library

Our Community-Based Instruction Program started the new year with 24 students from Anacostia, Banneker, Cardozo, and Wilson High Schools taking trips to a local library. During each library trip students were shown the various sections of books, where they could obtain help, and what libraries offer beyond reading, like the 3D printers at MLK Jr. Memorial Library. Student Perez P. stated: “I had fun and learned about different types of books, like sports and romance.” Read the full story.

Sharing the Importance of Student and Family Engagement with DC Special Education Teachers

Providing teachers with valuable information helps them develop empowered and independent students, so we gladly participate in Professional Development Days with DCPS. In December we hosted a session about Student and Family Engagement as it relates to Community-Based Instruction (CBI) outings. CBI outings enhance classroom learning through real world experiences and encourage independent livings skills. With 17 teachers from a variety of schools in attendance, discussions of key topics were exciting. These topics included what engagement is for students and family (parents, guardians, caregivers, and so on), why engagement is necessary, and how to manage engagement. The result of our discussions led to three important points. Read the full story.

Introducing DC Students to Banking, Budgeting, and Perhaps A Career in the Field

With our Community Based Instruction Program in full swing, 25 students from Ballou Stay High School traveled to TD Bank in November to gain real world experience about the banking industry. The primary focus was to understand the importance of using a bank and how to manage their funds to increase savings, as many students have never been to a bank and hide money away in their homes. Prior to visiting the bank, the bank store manager and his lead teller visited the students in their classroom to discuss budgeting and savings. Students had the opportunity to fill out a budget, plan for a savings account, and even calculate simple interest. Read the full story

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